jumping onto the blog wagon

I have been thinking about jumping onto the blog wagon for some time now.  After finding my way to the #sachat community on twitter and linking to hundreds of student affairs related blog posts, I wanted to contribute in some way to this community of knowledge and sharing.

Having recently written for the WISA blog (http://wisakc.wordpress.com), my love for writing came flooding back.  I’ve always been a writer, and am now finding a lot of benefit in writing for professional and personal development.  I’m currently working towards a Master of Education degree, which often means the writing I am doing is based on someone else’s expectation.  I see this blog as my opportunity to share my thoughts, tips, resources, and so on, and to do so on my terms.  I imagine most of my posts will be professionally associated, although I’m sure some will be personally motivated.

My hope is to add to the (already amazing) knowledge community of Student Affairs professionals, share my experiences and connect with others in higher education.

Looking forward to learning through writing,