#reverbbroads11: never will i ever

Although I am fashionably late to the party, I’ve decided to participate in #ReverbBroads11, a month of blog prompts promised to be silly and reflective. This project ensures that I get 30 minutes of “me” time each day, and I like the sound of that. Today’s prompt (courtesy of Katrina, katrinatripled.blogspot.com) is: List 10 things you would never do.

When I first considered this, I thought that committing to never do something was impossible.  Then I thought about it a little more and considered my values, priorities, life-lessons, and triggers.  It is through that second consideration that I came upon the following list.  Some are heartfelt, some are a little silly, but all are me.  So, without further ado, the top ten things I will never do:

10. Intentionally hurt an animal.  My husband and I rescued our Lab over five years ago and seeing first hand what abuse and neglect can do to an animal, I vow to never cause that kind of pain.  It was not an easy road, but Baylin (pictured below) is a completely different dog now.  He is a typical Lab, full of love and affection, and we’re pretty proud of how far we’ve come with this incredible dog.

9. Call myself a “foodie.” Sure, I enjoy food, and have recently become much more astute in the kitchen.  However, I would feel far too pretentious calling myself a “foodie.”  It’s one of those words that just gets under my skin.  Like smear or moist (apologies to those now cringing).

8. Shy away from telling the truth.  I value honesty, and do not like to beat around the bush.

7. Allow a job to define me.  I feel like I need to quantify this one.  Being a Student Affairs professional is a wonderful experience, and can have a positive effect on many aspects of my life.  However, a few years ago, I found myself putting a job ahead of other priorities in my life and needless to say, that did not have a good outcome.  I don’t ever want to do that again.

6. Eat sushi.  My friends actually like to play a game to see what I would rather do than eat sushi.  Let’s just say, I would go to some pretty extreme lengths to avoid eating sushi.  I just can’t bring myself to eat raw fish.

5. Expect others to do something that I do not expect myself to do.  It keeps me humble.

4. Stop learning.  While it may be cliché, I like to think that I am a quintessential lifelong learner.  I try to encourage this in others as well.

3. Regret any experience that has taught me a lesson.  So I suppose that means I have very few regrets.

2. Take what I have for granted.  This one is a work in progress.  Although, having gone through some challenging times in life, I have learned that despite the hard times, I have an amazing life with incredible family, friends and opportunities.

1. Assume that I know everything about a topic.  Take Twitter for example.  I joined in 2009, but quickly left thinking it was just another self-promotion tool.  I am so glad that I returned to this online community.  I have made some amazing connections with other Student Affairs professionals and been introduced to new ways of thinking.  It’s through Twitter that I learned about the #reverbbroads11 project, after all!


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