#reverbbroads11: i am my mother’s daughter

Today’s #ReverbBroads11 prompt (courtesy of Jessica) is: How are you like your mother?

I like to think that I am a 50/50 split of my parents.  I look more like a McGartland (my dad’s side) than a Jones, and I definitely inherited my dad’s sense of adventure, but I certainly picked up more than a few things along the way from my mum.

For starters, I am feisty.  Growing up watching my mum not take no for an answer or simply accepting the status quo was all I needed to instil this important quality in me.

Next, I love all things Christmas. Christmas was always magical, in large part due to the effort my mum put in.  Each year, I am meticulous in the decorating details, finding the perfect gifts for friends and family, and wrapping those gifts with almost sheer perfection.  This has translated to my event planning skills, which come in handy in this field!

Further, I can be beyond silly, but mostly reserve those moments for those nearest and dearest.  I’m so glad that even though my mum is a perpetual professional, she does not take life too seriously and embraces those silly, ridiculous moments.

And finally, fashion sense.  Pictorial evidence of this says it better than I could 🙂
For what it’s worth, this was not planned and we didn’t realise how much alike we had dressed this particular day until we saw this photo.

In all seriousness though, my mum has always been a professional woman with a wicked fashion sense.  She has a classic look that I am happy to have inherited.  Trends be damned, elegance and class win out!

I can also blame my (ever growing) shoe collection on her too 🙂


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