#reverbbroads11: these are a few of my [least favourite] things

Today’s #ReverbBroads11 prompt (courtesy of Amy): Instead of a list of your favorite things, write a list of your least favorite things, e.g. Worst book you ever finished, the color you hate, bad songs, bad romances, bad recipes.

I don’t really love to publicly declare my hate for things.  Hate is such a strong word, and without being able to hear my funny and sarcastic tone, I fear that this might just come across as plain angry.  I assure you it’s all in good fun 🙂

  • The Bridges of Madison County.  This is the first thing that comes to mind.  I was a teenager when this came out, and I remember people raving about it.  My mum and I saw it and could not figure out what all the hoopla was about.  I don’t know that I’d say this is the worst movie I’ve ever seen, but it is up there…
  • The word smear.  I am cringing right now having typed it out.  Ugggh…shudder…
  • Football.  Not proper football (you might refer to that as soccer).  Football that is on for hours on end every Sunday (or so it seems).  No matter how many times you try to explain the purpose of this game to me, I won’t understand why millions of people are obsessed with it.
  • Songs: Patio Lanterns by Kim Mitchell, Harvest Moon by Neil Young, and anything by Nickleback.
  • Ghosts of Boyfriends Past by Carly Alexander.  This book was in the “bargain books” section of Chapters, and that should have been my clue.  This book was so bad, that by the end of it I hated the main character and felt like throwing it in the deep end, but that would have meant I would need to fish it out.




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