#atozchallenge: jazz hands & jingle bells

If we’re not willing to jump out of our comfort zones, how can we inspire others to? “Growing up” in residence life, there is very little that can embarrass me.  I’m the first to slap on my pink jingle bell bracelet (yes, this is an actual item that I own), do a pas de bourrée and end with an enthusiastic jazz hand routine – if it means creating excitement and showing others that it’s ok to put yourself on the line.

The thought of jazz hands and jingle bells may frighten a number of you, and that’s ok! We each have our own way of inspiring others to step outside of their comfort zone and try something new.  It might be sharing a courageous story one-on-one with a student, challenging a group to think differently about preconceived notions, or speaking out against  injustice.

These moments are so important.  Without them, we would not see the growth and development in students that so many of us list as our favourite part of being a student affairs professional.

How do you open the door for others to take risks in a safe environment? What are your “jazz hands” and “jingle bells”?  


jazz hands






For more information about the a to z challenge, click here.




  1. I’ve never hesitated in sharing my story of dealing with depression when helping students deal with their own struggles. I believe it is through the shared experience that we build trust and relationships. I would argue that it is through vulnerability that we build bridges.

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