#atozchallenge: lighten up

Spring time often motivates us to shake off and start anew.  With the winter months behind us, and the promise of warmer weather ahead, spring is the perfect time to lighten up.  Our evenings are lighter, our homes are brighter (after a thorough spring cleaning of course) and the smell of freshness fills the air.

Spring is also a good time for reflection.  For many of us, the end of the school year is near.  This is a good opportunity to consider what went well, what needs more attention, what you will keep in your tool kit and what you will let go of.  When you let go of something (self-doubt, the fear of failure, a relationship that no longer serves you), often a huge weight is lifted from you.  This metaphorical “lightening up” allows you to move on, take on new challenges and approach life in a new way.  While you don’t need to wait for a certain time of year to do this, springtime just seems to fit.

So, grab your favourite warm beverage (tea for me), a notebook and a pen and start making your lighten up list.  I’d love to hear what your plans are!

kate spring






Even my hair is lighter in the spring!



How are you lightening up this spring?


For more information about the a to z challenge, click here.



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