#atozchallenge: recommended reading

Here are some of my favourite reads that I’m either in the process of reading, or have read in the past.  I’d love to hear what you recommend as well!


How Remarkable Women Lead

Before Lean In came How Remarkable Women Lead by Joanna Barsh and Susie Cranston.  I am about three quarters of the way through this book, and have so many notes and tags that my review will have to be a series of blog posts.  It’s fantastic.  So many nuggets of wisdom.  Originally I had checked this out of the library, but had to purchase it so I could write in the margins.




Water for Elephants 

This was one of those books that sucked me in.  I could not put it down, and finished it in record time.  I fell in love with the characters (well Jacob, Marlena and Rosie – loved to hate Uncle Al and August) and the story.  The more I read, the more I felt like a fly on the wall.  Great writing, great story, great film adaption.




youareabrandYou Are a Brand

Branding is a hot topic these days.  We’re paying more attention to what we do online and how it impacts our personal brand.  I like the format of this book.  It’s an easy read and has some great tips.  It also includes a link to the author’s site, which has more great resources.





Exceptional Senior Student Affairs Administrators’ Leadership: Strategies and Competencies for Success

Interested in climbing the student affairs ladder? Make sure this is on your bookshelf.  What I like about this book is it is practical and competency based.  It’s written by senior student affairs practitioners so you know it’s legit.




100-simple-secrets-successful-people-what-scientists-david-niven-paperback-cover-art100 Simple Secrets of Successful People

I enjoy being able to share nuggets of wisdom from books on Twitter, and this book is a gem in that regard.  Each “secret” has its own page, making this a really accessible read.  You can read it all at once, or a page at a time.  The secrets are easy to implement to your own life too!



What are you reading? What books do you recommend to others and why?


For more information about the a to z challenge, click here.



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