#atozchallenge: why worry?

why worry

I love this quote from Walt Disney.  I used to worry about a lot of things.  I am starting to let go of that.  When I look back, a lot of the things I worried about never actually came to fruition.  I realized that was a lot of wasted time.  Time that could have been used more productively.

I think that worry goes hand-in-hand with the “would have, could have, should have” game.  When I was a student, after I’d written an exam, or submitted a paper, I’d think about all of the things I could have said.  I worried that I wouldn’t receive as high of a mark, because I hadn’t included those additional thoughts.  The truth is, I did fine.  I graduated with an honours degree, and was involved in my campus community.  I loved my undergrad experience and am a proud UW alumna.

This followed me into my professional life.  I would second guess myself, asking “did I say the right thing to that student?” or “I should have said X, Y, Z in that meeting.”  Instead of focusing on the past, and we all know that we can’t change that, I now try to be more solutions oriented, and instead of dwell on the past, reflect on what I have learned and take the lesson with me.

This is not always easy.  Sometimes I’ll look back and think about how different things would be if I had chosen another path.  At the same time, I think that I am the sum of my experiences – which means I am always learning and growing – and that if I had done something differently, I wouldn’t be who I am today.  Complex, isn’t it? I’m sure I’m not the only one who tows this line.

So when I start to go there, to worry about things I can’t change, or things that may never be, I think of this:

“Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joy.”
-Leo Buscaglia

What do you do when worry creeps into your life? 


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  1. Great post, and I do recognise myself in a lot you say here. I find it gets a bit easier the older I get, as looking back, I now see how my past “worry issues” worked out fine. I like what you say about taking the lesson with you, that’s a constructive way to deal with it.
    (Visiting from A to Z – we’re almost there!)

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