#atozchallenge: quiet time is not just for introverts

If introversion is on the left and extroversion on the right, I’d fall pretty far to the right.  I get my energy from being around others and engaging in rich conversation.  I don’t like to be alone for long periods.  Speaking to a large group is exciting to me.  Despite all of this, I do still value quiet time.  I enjoy curling up with a cup of tea and good book, or with a notepad and pen to dream up my next big idea.

Sometimes, being quiet at work is also necessary.  My office is in a high traffic area, and I get a lot of drop-in questions (I should devote a post to some of my favourite random questions one of these days).  I try to leave my door open as much as possible, to be available and visible to students.  However, sometimes I need to close my door and power through.

In staff meetings, sometimes I will take a back seat and just listen to the conversation.  This helps me to hear what everyone else is saying and allows me to consider other points of view.  This is tough for an extrovert.  To me, there’s nothing better than building off of others ideas and getting excited about a project together.  Reminding myself to sit back and take it all in is important – although not easy.

So while my go-to nature is not quiet introspection, I do still value quiet time.

“The quieter you become, the more you can hear. ”
– Baba Ram Das

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How do you enjoy your quiet time? 


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